With COVID-19 causing the South African government to grant visa extensions, I‘ve been prepping my visa application since July

Just five months to go until I have to renew my Life Partner Visa, and now I can’t return to the United States even if I wanted to

how dating someone outside my culture has been awesome and hilarious

Did everything really have to be this complicated? And I’m not even at the Embassy yet!

I have ten full days in South Africa before I leave for Los Angeles but… What am I missing?

A little insight on what it’s like to apply for the South African Life Partner Permit

Sometimes the people who are your blood hurt you more than anyone else you’ve ever met. And that’s just life.

It fucking sucks but yea. That saying? That goes blood is thicker than water? You know the full saying is “blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb” and it deadass means that sometimes, the only people you can truly count on are the people you chose to let into your life and weren’t just born into it. Make sure your friends are good people. Because sometimes, members of your family just…aren’t.

“The only relationship I have with my parents is them asking me for shit,” a friend stated in a private Facebook group. It brought to…

It was 2015 when I got my first writing gig.

It was uncompensated and for exposure, naturally. At the start, I would have never guessed how sick I was gonna get of the word “exposure”. People, I cannot pay my bills in exposure. Nevertheless, I stuck with writing and earned my money teaching English as a second language.

Fast forward a year and a half. It was November 2016 when I got my first paying client. I was so impressed with myself! I started feeling able to believe that I really could only do writing and live off that! But even so, I was hardly making anything. …

Laurrel Allison

Founder of Copy Fox Pro. Writer, lover, traveler, entrepreneur. Connect with me: hello@copyfoxpro.com

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